Flowers in your Wedding!

Everything a Bride needs to know:

Flowers in weddings can symbolize and accent many parts of the wedding. Flowers are a traditional piece that are important to include. However, many brides are at a loss as too where to start when beginning to think about the pieces she wants in her wedding. There are so many options! This page is going to give you links, ideas and a list of things to get you started!

Where to start?

As a designer here are the things I want to know and in the order I would want to know them:

      1. What are your colors?
      2. What is your theme?
      3. Is the wedding/reception inside or outside?
      4. How many in the wedding party?
      5. Is there a flower you ABSOLUTELY have to have in your wedding? Is the flower you absolutely dislike?
      6. What arrangements are you imagining at this moment (this can change).
      7. Lastly what is your budget?

Color & Theme

Knowing the colors and theme of your wedding will help me to narrow down flower options for you. Not all flowers are available year round and not all flowers come in every color. Also knowing your them can help me as the designer think of style of flowers that would best fit your ideas. If you are unsure which colors go good together, google the color wheel it will help you with ideas.

Location of Wedding and Reception

Location is important for the type of flowers as well. Some flowers are super sensitive to the extreme heat (July weddings) and others are sensitive the cold. It is also important for me as the designer to start imagining what it is going to look like. When it is in a church I imagine things differently then if it were outside. It is also good to know what is going to be the backdrop?

Number of people in wedding party?

Needing to know the number of people in wedding party is an obvious need to know. However, many do not know as a florist it is important to know the size of the people in the wedding. If your Fiancé is big/small guy I want to make sure I make his boutonniere to match his size. The same thing goes with the Bride. The bouquet should be in balance with her size.

What MUST you have and have not?

Knowing which flowers you have to have is essential to the designers imagination as well. I need to be able to imagine where are they going to fit? How are they going to look. Same with flowers you absolutely dislike. I would not want to accidentally ruin your bid day by adding in a flower you dislike. And it is important to consider any allergies you or wedding party may have to any flowers or greens.

What are you imagining?

When the planning begins I need to be able to know what you are seeing. Give me a general idea of what you are imagining (this can be via pictures you have googled) it makes it all come together much smoother, that way we are not talking circles.


I am florist that works from home, I do not have the overhead and some of the other florists do so I am allowed to be more flexible on price. Flowers range in prices and fluctuate depending on the season. For example; if you get married in February roses are going to be much higher in price than any other time of the year. During our consultation I will work with you on price by showing you flower options that can save you coin. Even if this means you bring me flowers from your Grandmas garden!

Here is a list of people and places where you can find flowers in a wedding:

**Of course this is a "working" list and does NOT mean that you have to put flowers in all of these spots, it is just to get you thinking. When starting out before meeting with the florist I would recommend going through this list and JUST highlighting what you are imagining. Leave the planning up to the florist to help you with the rest.

    • Bride
    • Maid of Honor/Bridesmaids
    • Flower Girls
    • Toss Bouquet
    • Groom
    • Best Man/Groomsmen
    • Ring Bear
    • Mothers/Grandmothers
    • Fathers/Grandfathers
    • Officiant
    • Altar
    • Pews/Seating
    • Other; guestbook, sign in table, main entrance, aisle runner, lobby, speakers, hair
    • Guest Tables
    • Head Table
    • Gift Table
    • Buffet Tables
    • Cake/Cake Table
    • Bar