Individual arrangements you will need to contact me for pricing.

Wedding & Quinceañera

As a designer who works from home, I do not have the overhead costs like other florists do. When pricing weddings (not single bouquet or piece) I charge the bride cost for her flowers and then charge labor for my time to design them. On the quote the bride will see cost for her flowers and then in a separate section for the labor. The bride pays cost for the flowers. I will even work with her if she wants to provide her own flowers.

Brides love this method as it gives them more choices/options and they really feel like there ideas were taken seriously.

All of the flowers purchased for your wedding GO TO YOUR WEDDING. This allows me to make your toss bouquet for free. I use the extra flowers and greens to make a small toss bouquet that accents the flowers used in your wedding. Also if I have any flowers left over I will let you know and you can use them in other places if you would like. However, the ONLY negative is that flowers are sold in bundles. If you only wanted one or two stems of a certain flower you would have to purchase the entire bundle.